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Posted by Racheal Browes - 2017-11-13 08:31:53

Chances are that if you are reading this you either have or have had back pain or neck pain.   Back pain is not the sort of subject most people read about voluntarily and developing an understanding around back pain usually arises out of necessity rather than choice!


This guide is not intended as a scientific paper.  Instead the goal here is to give you a simple overview of how your back works, how the discs in your spine function and what to do if you get a problem which is not resolving.


At 10Bridge we see patients with acute back pain as well as long term issues.   We specialise in non-invasive spine treatment from simple advice to manual therapy.


You can be assured that we have seen a lot of back issues. We have the good sense to be able to apply appropriate strategies to help people get back on their feet and the wisdom to know when other clinicians are better placed to help.


So let’s get started with a very quick overview of how your spine works and then we can get to the meat of what to do about your pain!



Please download this free Back Pain Report by clicking here.


Yours in health,

Mark Browes

Clinical Director 10Bridge Physio

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